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influencer marketing

We specialize in Paid Influencer Campaigns and User-Generated Content


Harness the influence of key personalities and user-generated content (UGC) to connect with the audience aligned with your brand. We handle everything from research, outreach and contract negotiations to content creation and campaign reporting.


Our team is uniquely composed of cutting-edge


ready to take your brand to the next level


Let’s do some matchmaking. We find the perfect influencer for your product and turn followers into brand enthusiasts. Illuminate your brand with personalities that speak your language, one post at a time.


1. Influencer Sourcing

2. Campaign Management

3. Reporting

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Influencer Sourcing

Our team conducts thorough research of creators to evaluate who best aligns with key brand messaging.

Campaign Management

We take care of every facet of your campaign: managing influencer communication, executing contracts, providing in-house legal support, conceptualizing content, overseeing the creative process, obtaining content approval, and scheduling post dates.


Our team monitors engagement (i.e. likes, views, comments, impressions) and provides end-of-campaign analytics to assess overall impact.

Looking to take it one step further?

Paid Advertising

Our team will implement paid ad initiatives to enhance the reach and success of each campaign. Through various types of paid ads, our approach amplifies paid social media campaigns by further targeting the appropriate audience.

paid influencer

Influencer marketing involves endorsements and product placements from personalities that have established reputations on social media with a strong social influence.

user-generated content

User-Generated Content (UGC) has the potential to elevate authenticity, increase engagement, and cultivate a sense of community, allowing users to exchange their original experiences and perspectives.


1. Influencer Sourcing

2. Creative Planning

3. Post-Production Editing

4. Asset Creation

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Influencer Sourcing

Our team conducts thorough research of creators to evaluate who best aligns with key brand messaging.


Creative Planning

Our team will develop content concepts and creative briefs that align with your long-term objectives.


Post-Production Editing

Our in-house team of graphic designers and video editors will transform raw images and footage into assets that can be shared across your brand’s digital platforms.

Asset Creation

Your brand will have the ability to leverage user-generated content for various purposes, including paid advertising, social media, website, email marketing, etc.

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